Website Launch! Mugi Pottery Redesign in Squarespace

Feeling super proud of the new website redesign for Mugi Pottery, an interactive pottery studio in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

After designer/producer Katie took pottery classes there many years ago - before the iPhone existed! - Mugi Pottery became a website client. We first housed their website in Joomla, then in Drupal, and now in Squarespace.

Putting this website together for them was such a pleasure. Favorite parts?

  • That more photos and galleries are so much easier now.
  • The SUPER EASY "Blocks" that Squarespace makes available that we can use as call to action buttons, without designing a color graphic! Now their ecommerce is real easy to lay out.
  • The Teachers have their own page of bios so that web visitors can see who really makes up Mugi Pottery.
  • Mugi had been busting out of their top navigation. While it had been pretty to look at, the dual-side bar of the previous design was cumbersome and costly to widen. But now...

Ecommerce Option

Owner Outi Putkonen elected to use Ocassion to handle their class registrations, workshops, and one-off classes. While Squarespace could have handled this, Ocassion is simple to use. Using Squarespaces "Block" was easy enough to mimic a checkout button.

More Digital! Bigger Footprint

Outi is unleashed, and not only has she fired up their Instagram feed, but she has a YouTube channel as well. Thanks to Squarespace's drag n drop Video feature, adding those videos will be very easy. Take a visit, and if you're in NYC, do stop into their Upper West Side studio on Amsterdam and W. 108th. Tell them Katie said hi :)