Flyer 3-Pack for Valentine's Day Pop-Up Event: Paper, Facebook, Banner Ad

Paper flyers are one of the most important aspects to promoting an in-person event locally. However, with advertising promotions and free promotions via Facebook Event Pages, you'll need variations of the flyer to be similar in order to cross-promote your event. Key to this is making sure all of the imagery has the same look and feel. Even putting your flyer up on the door of where the event is is an important but sometimes overlooked move made by event hosts, and can cost the event a few people as they walk by a flyer-less door, oblivious to the fact that an event they'd seen around town is going on now - today - right here!

For the pop-up shop at A Little Beacon Blog, A Lovely Little Pop-Up, we started with the design of the paper flyer, 8.5"x11", which will be printed on regular paper at a local printer, with no bleed, so there will be a white border around it. Keeping the costs down. If we had a color laser printer in the office, we'd print it on that.

Next comes the Facebook event cover art. If people are seeing it around town, they want to recognize it on the official Facebook event page too! Important to us is making sure the day and time pop on all versions.

And finally, the banner ad size. In most cases, this will be the smallest design that may get the most visibility because of its placement in a media outlet. Even though the artists are important to this event, the date and time are crucial, so we made sure to make them pop. We changed the font to a more basic font that anyone can read while skimming quickly through other ads.

Of course, the hero image that remained consistent on all visuals is the red hearts. You can't miss this, even with your glasses off!