If This Little One Can Jump Into Squarespace...


The littlest one on the team...she wanted to "hang out" tonight after watching her shows, so she got to finish setting up an intake form for our client Gilded Twig who is launching a website for her business, The Telephone Building. The building and the work she has done to it is getting its own website. Reveal to come!


Point of this photo is, if little Ruby can eagerly jump into a webpage in Squarespace to want to know how to set it up, so can you! Just double tap and drag. Have your audience in mind of how easily you want them to see it and experience something. If Squarespace still stumps you, or if organizing and presenting your website as a whole remains overwhelming to you, thus stopping you from creating this big impact on the web, then contact us. We can train you or do it for you with your guidance. Every project is  different, and we enjoy getting to know your brand.