Case Study: Social Media Photography for The Vault Restaurant

Running your own social media for your business is important, as it captures your voice, your vibe, and your passion for your business. Showing this energy is important. But what do your photos look like? How are you translating your vision?

InHouse Design Media ghost-posted The Vault's social media until their owner and highly engaged staff grew comfortable and confident enough to take it over. In that time, we not only took food and drink photography, but we dressed the photos with strategic copy to really hammer home what the photo was about.

We didn't just take an amazing photo of a pina colada sangria, but we dressed it with a script font that let the viewer know that there is a sangria special every Saturday and Sunday. The engagement on the post and on other photos we dressed like that was successful. We happily watched people tag each other to make dates in to dine or drink at The Vault later.

InHouse Design Media can be hired to take photos like this for your business. Because we are local, we can only do this for clients local to Beacon, NY. We love traveling, but we're staying close to home!

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