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Training Session With Knot Too Shabby, An Annie Sloan Home Stockist

Training Session with Caryn of Knot To Shabby as we finalize her website (which has already been processing workshop and paint orders since our pre-launch). She’s a great learner, ready to dive in and wants to get under the hood of this Shopify website to update her home page with creative new collections! Watch for her monthly feature.

Newsletter hookup with MailChimp is next, and then this Shopify project is wrapped (this stage, at least!). Annie Sloan Home and complimentary stencils and furniture was never so easy to buy online! Knot Too Shabby can reach beyond her immediate local in Beacon, NY, to other local who travel to Beacon for free pickup in her shop.

To get a Katie James, Inc. website, simply visit our Services pages to see how we can help. 


Tales from the Depths of Picking a Domain Name - After a Cease and Desist Letter


I've been through the wringer a couple of times when naming a business and picking a domain name. Seriously, I think I've done it 7 or 17 times. For Tin Shingle, it resulted in a major company mailing us a cease and desist letter when our trademark application was days away from being approved. It was during the Publication phase, where companies have 30 days to challenge you. And challenge us they did.

We fought it for a year, and then gave up an settled. But going through the rebrand process was actually a great experience that resulted in one of my best names for a business: Tin Shingle.

I published three tips here in Tin Shingle's Tips section, so go check those out. But here are a few more inspirations behind the name:

  • Signal to the Artists: Marketing is a business thing, and artists don't usually think of it as a priority. Additionally, I wanted to attract makers at the early stages of their careers. To get with Tin Shingle early and propel their brands.
  • Work with my hands: I crave building things and working with my hands. I don't do it so often, but I dream to. Most of what I do is in the digital space, so having a business name that implied something physical was important to me.
  • Have it be totally, totally unique. I stress this in the Tips article, but I'm saying it again. Please. Don't remove one word to make your business name different from a similar business name. Just think of something different. You risk handing all of the earnings from your marketing efforts to your competitor!

Flyer 3-Pack for Valentine's Day Pop-Up Event: Paper, Facebook, Banner Ad

Paper flyers are one of the most important aspects to promoting an in-person event locally. However, with advertising promotions and free promotions via Facebook Event Pages, you'll need variations of the flyer to be similar in order to cross-promote your event. Key to this is making sure all of the imagery has the same look and feel. Even putting your flyer up on the door of where the event is is an important but sometimes overlooked move made by event hosts, and can cost the event a few people as they walk by a flyer-less door, oblivious to the fact that an event they'd seen around town is going on now - today - right here!

For the pop-up shop at A Little Beacon Blog, A Lovely Little Pop-Up, we started with the design of the paper flyer, 8.5"x11", which will be printed on regular paper at a local printer, with no bleed, so there will be a white border around it. Keeping the costs down. If we had a color laser printer in the office, we'd print it on that.

Next comes the Facebook event cover art. If people are seeing it around town, they want to recognize it on the official Facebook event page too! Important to us is making sure the day and time pop on all versions.

And finally, the banner ad size. In most cases, this will be the smallest design that may get the most visibility because of its placement in a media outlet. Even though the artists are important to this event, the date and time are crucial, so we made sure to make them pop. We changed the font to a more basic font that anyone can read while skimming quickly through other ads.

Of course, the hero image that remained consistent on all visuals is the red hearts. You can't miss this, even with your glasses off!

Cyber Monday Sale: 20% Off Digital Marketing and Website Design

Last day for our Cyber Monday sale on Website Design + Digital Marketing Services. This sale never happens, so here are the details that are good until midnight tonight:

PERSONAL TRAINING: 20% Off any already discounted package. Katie can help you plot out your website, make your social streams look good and be compelling, understand SEO, help you with your blog ideas to attract people from Google and shop from you (even if you sell time/services), etc.
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WEBSITE DESIGN: 20% Off the First Time Website Design Package. Great for brochure websites, and even with light ecommerce. Those of you selling services, Katie can help you think up packages that can be purchased online, or ways to skip the invoicing step.
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