Inventory Party!

Inventory Party!


Boxes of inventory just arrived, and you’re so excited! You want to start unboxing and sharing on your Instagram! But wait - how can the people buy if you put off adding the inventory to your online website shop? It’s on your shelves for the people walking in, but what about the people on their couches? They are just waiting to buy something without moving their little booties!

Katie James, Inc. can help. We’ll send in one of our experienced retail Inventory Magicians to add the inventory for you.


  • Coming In! One of our representatives will come into your shop. Even though you two will want to chat about anything and everything, we have trained ourselves in staying focused, and may work with headphones and music on so that we can get your inventory added as swiftly as possible.

  • Unboxing: You will unbox, and tell us the number of items for each size, and color.

  • New Products: Our representative will need to create a new product in your Shopify cart, and add Variants for different sizes and colors.

  • Update to Current Products: You may get a simple shipment in of new merch that is already in your Shopify shop. We’ll simply update the Quantity.

  • New Navigation: You may get an entirely new category of product that will need to be reflected in the main navigation. This makes it easy to shop from your website. Our representative will add this navigation for you, and tag the new products to it.

  • Photos: To keep things moving along, we’ll take a photo in your shop if we can’t find a picture from your wholesaler. If the brand has a professional photo to use, we will pull from their website. This adds to the time, but is worth it for products you’ll be restocking.

If you’re ready to get started, buy this product, and indicate how many hours of inventory you have. If this is your first time, select 1 or 2 hours to see how it goes. You’ll be better at estimating during our next session, depending on how much came in (or how much you’ve procrastinated uploading to your online shop).

Looking forward to loading up inventory with you!

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