SEO Audit + Social Media

SEO Audit + Social Media

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We are going to dive deep into your website to find missed opportunities. We are going to find what Google can't see, and tell you how to fix it. We are going to find where people are struggling to buy from you, and tell you how to fix it. To kick off the project, tell us your goals with your website and what products or services you are trying to sell. Research will begin, and we will present our findings with you over the phone, in our office, or a video call.

  • Ranking Research
    We will check where your website is ranking now for what you sell. This first step is crucial to knowing how aggressive the changes are that you will need to make. Enlightening for most businesses to discover what they are not on the map for.
  • Competitive Analysis
    How are your competitors doing? Are they getting all of your business? This is about to change...
  • Google Analytics
    Give us access to your Google Analytics and we will tell you where customers are going - and aren't.
  • Buying Experience
    The most important steps in your website. This is your sales force in the field! How does it look and work? Where are the hurdles? We will find them.
  • Website Design Ideas
    Based on what we find above, we will send you ideas for how to visually tweak your website design to make contacting you and buying from you easier.
  • Keyword Ideas
    These are not as elusive as you think. We will give you new keyword ideas to target that may be sweet spots for what you sell.
  • Blog Post Ideas
    Oh're going to fire up that blog on your website. It's key to attracting customers from Google, and we're going to tell you how to use it.
  • Recommendation Report
    All of our findings will be typed up in a nice looking report in plain English and sent to you as a PDF.
  • In Person Meeting to Discuss Findings
    Don't worry, we will go over this report with you in person over the phone, video, or come to our office if you're local.
  • Measure Improvement + Template
    Key to these recommendations will be you implementing them, and then waiting and watching. It will be like a stake-out on your own website. You will get our signature SEO Tracking Template for capturing your changes, and we will walk you through how to use it.

When you pick a package from the menu below, select the size of your website. This is measured in "page types". For example: if you have 10 products on your website, and they all have the same page design, then this is considered 1 page type. If you have a blog on your website with 30 blog posts, we view that as 1 page type.

Included with this package is a 360-view of your social media, and how you are - or aren't - using it. We will focus on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Periscope
  • YouTube
Size of Website:
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