Social Media Photography Client Training

Alright, let's work it with your iPhone or other smartphone to take some amazing pictures for Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Events, your (possibly future) Blog, and so much more.

Anyone can press the button to take a photo, but it takes practice and experience to take a photo from just OK to breathtaking and moving. Your photos need to move a person into action. Are yours doing that?

InHouse Design Media's designers and social media photographers, Leigh and Katie, can help you see what a professional photographer sees, so that you can take photos in emotion-inducing lighting and dramatic camera angles.


  1. First Session: Leigh comes out to your place of business to teach you methods in:
    - Photos. Camera angles, lighting, background
    - Caption. Getting to know your voice and your hashtags to reach your audience. If you don't use hashtags, the photo falls where not too many people see it - unless you're already a hot-to-trot account.
    Bring your phone camera because you will be taking pictures also.

  2. Second Session: You take pictures for the week, and publish them. Leigh and Katie will be watching your photos over the course of that week and will critique them via email.

  3. Third Session: Leigh returns to do another round to help you improve. Leigh and Katie will critique the next 2 photos you publish.

  4. Fourth Session: Katie will sit with you to get to know the app you are using to put words on your photos, in order to pick the brand appropriate fonts and colors. This is imperative to keeping your brand cohesive online, and keeping your audience engaged - not distracted.


A more experienced you.

A discerning eye.

Patience with the time you take in producing the photo.

A romanced Instagram audience who can't wait to work with you and experience the goodness you provide.

PRICE: $1,450


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