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Your website is your most solid footprint for people to know what you do and how to buy from you. Social media accounts offer the emotional connection to your brand, and your website needs to reflect that energy. The designers and lead producer, Katie Hellmuth Martin, can guide you through this process and design you a website that both looks stunning, and works well to help people do what you need them to at your website.

Knot Too Shabby (Shopify)
La Mere Clothing and Goods (Shopify)
Telephone Building Beacon (Squarespace)
Stanley Lindwasser (Squarespace)
TEC Land Surveying (Squarespace)
Cold Spring Fitness (Squarespace with Mindbody)

See our packages below, and our Project Start Form below that. You'll get a sense for what we need before starting a project. Of course, contact us to discuss your project and answer any questions.

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To start, we'll need some information about your business. Please fill out the form below to get it into our system. Once submitted, please return to this page to purchase your website package. All packages of websites from 1-10 pages need to be paid up front.

Name *
Do you have a domain already? Great! What is it? If you don't have one yet, find one that is not taken by searching at and let us know what you find.
Who is your ideal client? Who do you want to be reading your website?
What do you want your readers to be doing at your website? Reading and thinking? Filling out a Contact Us form? Signing up for your newsletter? All of the above?
Logo *
Do you have a logo? If yes, please email it to
Logo Design
Do you need logo design? This ranges from $2,500-$6,000.
Photos *
Do you have photos ready to use on your website?
Original Photography or Stock Art *
Do you want to use original photography of you, your office, your products, or other things representing your brand? We offer a photo package called Glamour Shots that can take these photos for you. Or, we recommend using Stock Photography. The Stock Photography resource we use is You can also use a blend of Stock Photos and Original Photography! If you use, we ask that you open an account there and purchase the photos we recommend - or that you pick out.
Words & Copywriting *
While we are pretty good with words at InHouse Design Media, we do not include copywriting in your website design. You will need to provide the content for the pages we are designing. We may be able to start you off in a direction, and you can edit from there.
Payment Policy *
I understand that once I pay for this website, we are in action-mode and are ready to build and design the website! I will give the designers feedback in a timely manner, and they will turnaround edits in a timely manner. Once this website design starts, it is non-refundable.