TIn Shingle

A member-based community and resource for small businesses who are getting the word out about their business. Originally built on Drupal 5 and upgraded twice to Drupal 7.

Special Features

  • Several page design templates for different types of content, including Shopping Guides, regular articles, and webinars.
  • Webinars that play within the website via streaming without needing downloads.
  • Ecommerce for membership subscriptions, webinar purchases and file purchases with unlimited access to new file versions.
  • Member-produced content in the form of articles and guide postings with pictures.
  • Community Boards where members communicate in dedicated threads.
  • Mass import and delete functions of databases of member-accessed content of Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars with built-in content filters for easy searching.
  • Responsive design for mobile access and custom designed app-like navigation across bottom of phones.
  • Integration with MailChimp and Mandrill to send designed receipts and forum notifications.
  • Recurring subscription billing for monthly, 6 months and yearly.
  • Dedicated hosting on Amazon servers.

Domestic Holding

From the founding designer of Gemma Redux, she partnered with a knit and leather designer to build a member-only shopping experience for limited edition, high end bags, scarves and more.

Special Features

  • Customer issued ID numbers to go with orders and hand-stamped tags.
  • Multi-photo display product pages.