We have worked with businesses of all kinds: ecommerce, recipe, service, affiliate ads, quizzes, you name it. Some of these businesses are no longer in business, or have redesigned with other teams, or still have their website of yore. For each one, it was a pleasure meeting the goals of the client.

Ag Apparel

Clothing designed for those who need accessible options. Built in ZenCart.

Alisa Benay

Blog for the bridal designer, Alisa Benay. Built in WordPress.


AMe Rain

Umbrella and rain boot store that eventually moved indoors to a brick and mortar. Built in ZenCart. The design was in place, and we built it.

Special Features

  • The photo corners on the product images and faded elements.

My Beauty Beat

A former Wall Street executive put her knowledge of the beauty world to work in an affiliate-based review site. Built in Joomla.

Special Features

  • Several image styles to incorporate linked images with special affiliate links.
  • Newsletter incorporated into website, so auto-pulled new articles into template.
  • Multi-level navigation for deep content pages.
  • Katie's one and only illustrated logo. A true original. :)

Career Women's Initiative

Community-based website for events and content.

Celebrity Chef

A board game brought to life with a website.

Childbirth Connection

A national nonprofit dedicated to provided evidence-based information to women and professionals.

Special Features

  • Two entry points for women and for professionals, delivering different navigations.
  • Custom-built CMS for content creation and PDF uploads.

Gemma Redux

A celebrity favorite, this designer was in high demand with Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, and probably you, especially if you scored a piece during one of the online sample sales. This website was actually built in ZenCart, which is amazing. The design was inherited and we built upon it.

Special Features

  • Zoomy home page that loaded images and navigation from right to left.
  • Managed this website during a feature on the Today Show on a dedicated server, which took in over 11,000 orders.
  • Creation of a special shop within a shop to order necklaces inspired by Jessica Alba taking apart one of her Gemma Redux necklaces.
  • Special Announcement page created for Sample Sales, press, etc.

Hughes Klaiber

Sally Anne Hughes is in the business of selling businesses. Need someone to sell yours?  Contact her. This website built in Drupal 5.

Special Features

  • A white-pages download connected to email address collection for newsletters.

Cheap and Chic

A super quick and simple website designed for a stylist, Jess Zaino, who was going to be featured on TV. Jess had a strong vision for this site, and logo already made.

Kerry Monoghan

This copywriter needed a website to showcase her writing.

Mugi Pottery

One of New York City's best pottery studios, letting students of all ages get up to the elbows in clay. Built in Joomla, migrated to Drupal 5, upgraded to 6, and is itching to get into Squarespace next, with lots of ecommerce options for class signups!

Pop Judaica

A kitchy gift website that carried items that were in high demand. SEO was key to this website's sales.

PUrcell Sisters

A book of cocktail recipes that went into a website. Authored by the Purcell Sisters (one lawyer and one magazine editor currently at Rachael Ray), this book was illustrated by a Daily Candy illustrator. This website designed by Kimberly Schwede, who can claim a design for a Swatch Watch.

Real Invitations

Our very first client ever. Truly grateful to comedian and documentary maker of love stories, Judith George, for taking a chance on us!

Special Features

  • Videos played within the website.
  • Custom illustration created.

Rhythm for Life

Dancer Suzanne Caesar developed a special DVD for pregnant women to incorporate swaying movements to for a more comfortable pregnancy.

Special Features

  • Event booking.
  • DVD sales.

Shoe 4 Africa

A nonprofit dedicated to helping East Africa by building hospitals and schools. Primary fundraising comes through marathons and runners who fundraise for the team. Shoe for Africa wanted a custom-built team fundraising site. Designed by Susi Mendive, who created Stila's original branding.

Special Features

  • Runners could send pre-written emails through the website.
  • Donations collected through the website.
  • Thermometer to show how much of a goal was reached.

Stacey Lu

What started as a cookie website for large orders of some of the cutest cookies around, was revamped into an author website for Stacey Lu who wrote about 2nd marriages. Illustration already existed, and we designed with it.


WELLalarm was the first technologically advanced and fashion-forward solution to emergency medial alert, offering charms, jewelry and stickers with your unique ID on it.