You need help when you need it.

Flexibility is key for a small business, and we created this plan for it. You can send us your Honey-do List Of Thins To Do, and we’ll get started on it. Your project is entered into our Project Management Tracker, and we email you updates as we make progress and make it through your package. You’ll get a 30 minute heads-up email as we approach the end of your package, so that you can start a new one. Based on what we find at your website, we will send you suggestions and recommendations.

Pick the hours you need, in the discount bracket you like, and let’s get started!

Services Include

Services in this package can cover a range of areas, described below. If you start getting heavy in Social Media, we’ll guide you into a more regular retainer.

We can work the levers under the hood and make things pretty. If something isn’t working, we can probably also fix that or introduce something better. Includes Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress. Includes ecommerce work, and database heavy work.

Other platforms are possible, including custom built websites. We are familiar with MindBody and can act as your advocate as you navigate their options on how to best use that tool. Please discuss with us before purchasing if you have a website on a platform not mentioned here.

WEBSITE Design & Fixing Things

If you’re doing your social media yourself but want guidance, we can discuss and make sure you’re making really effective social media posts, both in the pictures and what you are saying to describe them. We can make sure you are using the latest tips and tricks made possible by these platforms.


Sometimes your images need a little punch. We want to make sure that people aren't just liking a pretty picture, but get the message instantly about what you are selling. Sometimes you may need a flyer, or word treatment on an image. We can do that.


Key to your website getting found in Google is your own blog. You need to post announcements and news about your business. We can help you plan what you are going to write. It’s easy to do, promise. Katie is a professional blogger for A Little Beacon Blog, Tin Shingle, and has a monthly column in the Highlands Current. Ideas come in multiples to her, and she can help you know what to publish on your own website to grow your buzz.

Katie is specialist in auditing your website for SEO opportunities. She can help your website use missed opportunities that can bring you lots of new and qualified traffic.

SEO Consulting + Blogging Plans

Your business needs to be sending a newsletter to your current and prospective customers. The inbox is one of the most effective ways to reach you're audience, and you need to cultivate that. We can help you accomplish that to increase business.



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