Sticker Putter Onner

I’ve never been a sticker-putter-onner before. Never on cars, bikes, once on my computer a long time ago. Like 4 computers ago. Today an announcement of change will go up on @alittlebeacon . It’s a change for someone else, who I am very excited for. Change ignites change for others, and it’s something I look forward to. I have seen my ALBB sticker on other people’s computers and planners. The honor of that is beyond my comprehension. Today it’s time I allow more feeling and put another sticker on my computer. Ruby picked this @taramcpherson sticker out for herself at @dreaminplastic and kept it in my bag. It’s very her. It’s also very me. The dog reminds me of Gerdy. Who is my spirit animal. Who I also secretly think is in Charlie :) It’s time to tap into this feeling of creation.