Behind The Scenes

Article Planning; The Fluid Editorial Calendar

Big prep day for articles. A few deadlines are coming up, that if we want to have timeliness with these articles, we got to hit them. Another opportunity is here for Izdihar‘s Food Pantry article, with the Beacon Community Kitchen fundraiser coming up, and a new Food Pantry/Meals setup in the Beacon Rec on Saturdays that I just learned about. The Olivia Abel article on the new Bathroom at Bannerman Castle (on the island), which is really a disguised lead-in for the public bathroom situation in Beacon. As my copyeditor Catherine pointed out to me yesterday, ALBB published 41 articles in April.

Of this entire table, I only took 2 squares off today. That’s ok. Part of why these take so long is because I circulate them on Instagram, FB, the blogs themselves (both A Little Beacon Blog and Tin Shingle ), and develop newsletters for them both. The articles travel in newsletter packages. It’s a lot. It’s a workout that I teach at Tin Shingle, but it’s very worth it.

I don’t like walking away from this table, but work/life balance calls. I’m a bit of a work-a-holic. I love what I do, and I love when it works.

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